Download Safety Briefing: Archive PDF

Download Map: Archive PDF

Download Airspace: Archive ZIP (v4)

Updated 09.07.2019 5PM

Download Waypoints: Archive Zip (v4)

Updated 09.07.2019 5PM

File Types:

To be used with Cpilot, XCSoar, XCTrack, LK8000: PWC Andradas-CompeGPS.wpt

To be used with Naviter Oudie: PWC Andradas-SEEYOU.cup

To be used with GPSDUMP, Design: PWC Andradas-GEO.wpt

To be used with App IOS SkyFlyHy: PWC Andradas-GPX.gpx

To be used with App GoogleEarth: PWC Andradas-GoogleEarth.kml